Part 7. The New Old

Roo.Mu's 7th Collection is about finding new aspects and aesthetics from already-known stuffs. 

We rediscovered several patterns such as floral, leaves, paisley, tropical and greek key. In those graphic patterns we tried to give different feelings from widely known patterns in the sense of colors, compositions, and shapes.

Materials for garments were also used unconventionally and it was a technical approach. To give digital prints on sweatshirts, we used 100% polyester to make sweatshirts because it makes our digital prints look more bright and vivid. 

Last but not least, we developed from our own archive to a next level. Roo.Mu is developing its own aesthetic in various styles of garments season by season. And we always try to listen our customer's opinions in that process as much as possible; changing materials of our little details, shorten or elongate total length, and so on. 

Roo.Mu sincerely hopes that 'Part 7.' makes our firm fundamental in our aesthetic and styles. In other words 'Always think about where we began.'